Tears falling on my keyboard tonight 

Not tears of longing or sorrow ..
But tears of the deepest night,
Looking for a way to explain.
A way to cope with the end .
Love lost before it started .
There was a glimmer of hope once ,
But now that has faded into the dark.
Wondering what to do with the next step. 
I am not one to want pity ,nor sympathy.
But just for once,why cant i win…
Superwomen is my another face
Strong is what i want others to see.
But if you know me , truly know me .
Then you know i am not so…
Those who bring sunshine to others..
Get to keep none for themselves…
But dont you worry , i ll be fine .
Just as every time before this…. 


3 thoughts on “Superwomen.

  1. I liked how this was half optimistic half confessional. For a lot of people who fight internally with depression or other mental illnesses, many turn to helping others so no one feels like they do. I think you conveyed that perfectly here. Great work keep writing friend!

    I run a blog on mental illness called “Dear Hope”, join the community here:

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