No apologies .. 

  Too much bullshit for a person to take .there comes a time to 

Realize you have made a mistake .
If you could see this
Through my eyes
I think you would finally realize 
That theres no chance of compromise.
And no willing ear to hear you apologize.
I dont want to hear it , coz i know its not real .
I truly dont care how you feel
But you have said  
Something i really dont deserve.
Don’t waste your time 
Don’t even bother.
I dont care what you have to say 
I dont want to deal with your shit
Another day.
I think i was out of my mind 
To think you are my bestie.
You need to grow up and move on.
Face the facts …
I no longer feel sorry for you
Do what your heart tells you to.
Go ahead continue to harass
You just making yourself 
Look like an ASS…. 

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